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Research-based job search consulting for relocating spouses. 

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What is Worthful Woman?

Worthful Woman's mission is to accelerate the job search progress of women who courageously uprooted their lives and moved with their partners to Switzerland, so you get hired as soon as possible in the job you want.


This is achieved by curating and blending expert job search strategies with insights from the science of human behaviour.


The resulting strategies:


  1. Increase your visibility to potential employers.

  2. Lead to these employers clearly seeing the value you bring to the role.

  3. Uncover hidden job opportunities you would have otherwise not heard about.



Worthful Woman’s mission was born out of my own experience of being unsuccessful in my job search once I moved to Switzerland to join my partner. 

I jumped through numerous hoops to finally be employed, and in doing so I learned more and more about what happens ‘behind the scenes’ of the job market in Switzerland. 

Professional identity is crucial to many relocating spouses, but so often we lose it with the move. The language barrier and new job market dynamics combine with all the other stresses of the move, and it’s unsurprising that our self-confidence too often takes a hit. Our wellbeing is further eroded when we see that our job applications are rejected or completely ignored. We start thinking that there’s no place for us on the job market.

I know firsthand the frustration and shock that come with finding yourself unemployed and with dwindling hope to change that. I also know the exhilarating experience of signing a job contract and getting that first paycheck in your new job. 

You deserve to have the job you want in Switzerland.

I devise efficient job search strategies through curating and blending expert job search strategies with behavioural insights that give you an edge on the job market.


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