Job searching? Let me show you exactly where, why and how to invest your time and effort, so you leave competition in the dust 


"Inspiring insights"

"Cristina has inspiring insights, which made me feel not only special, but also appreciated. I got so much encouragement from her."

   – Kristiina Leppänen, CFO

"Opened my eyes"

""Cristina helped me dive into my 20 years of working life and identify exactly what it is that makes me feel my that new career is the right one for me. She opened my eyes to what it is that makes my accomplishments count as something extra and why not anyone can do what I have done."

   – Eva

If things are not going to plan in your job search, you're not alone.


I am the first person in my family to graduate university, let alone 2 top universities outside my country of origin.


At the age of 24, I was a strong contender for a successful academic career, with two degrees behind me and already having gotten part of my undergraduate work published in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology.


I was proud of myself and the efforts I’ve put into my career. I was excited for what the future held.


Then, I relocated for love in 2016. And everything changed.


On the bright side, my personal life vastly improved. I was finally reunited with my long-distance partner after 6 years apart. I couldn’t be happier.


On the not-so-bright side, my professional life took a plunge. I couldn’t be more miserable.


I didn’t speak the local language, so the pool of jobs available to me suddenly got extremely restricted.


I was experiencing rejection after rejection. Even for jobs I was vastly overqualified for.


I cried. So much.


The results of all the hard work I’ve put in for my career were (seemingly) reset to 0, due to factors which I perceived at the time as being outside of my control.




Until I took matters into my own hands. I set myself a clear goal, and doggedly pursued it (you can read the entire story on my LinkedIn profile, under “Experience”)


And it paid off.


After so many tears, so much networking, so much study of the local language, working for free or for crappy rates as a freelancer + a particularly traumatic work experience – I'd finally done it.


I’d landed a 7-month contract with an impressive company and an impressive job title. Perfectly matched to my background and skills.


This was the shot I so desperately wanted. All I needed was this one shot to prove myself, and land a prestigious permanent role.


I remember telling my partner that the only way I’d ever leave there was if they physically removed me.


All was well now.

I could breathe easy.




Kind of.


Because a couple months into this role, I felt miserable again.


I had this inexplicable and horrific feeling that I was extremely off my path.

This feeling was starting to interfere with my wellbeing and personal life, so I trusted myself and even if it didn't make sense, I quit.

Once the dust settled and I had some time to reflect, I realized that being employed in an impressive role with an impressive company was never actually my dream. It was only the dream of others in my life whom I wanted to please. A dream which I'd taken on as my own.


I'd been blind to it due to the social stigma of unemployment and the expectations I was being held to as a high performer. After all these years acquiring fancy degrees and fancy internships, what was I to do if not to land an amazing job?

Turns out, the answer was to be self-employed.


My real dream – that my mind had pushed to the side because it felt too out of line, given what I'd build towards, to even admit it – was to create my own job and to contribute to the world in a way that I found meaningful.

I spent much of my life witnessing and experiencing firsthand the deep negative effects of discrimination, mistreatment and unfair constraints stemming from societal gender norms and expectations.

I want a significant part of my contribution to be towards women and feminine empowerment.

After learning lessons the hard way about where, why and how to invest time and effort to land the job you want, I want to share them with you and help you take the easier path.

Just promise me that you'll first reflect on why you really want this job.

If it's truly what you desire, I'll show you how to leave your competition in the dust.

"I left feeling really empowered"

"Cristina is a very clear communicator and gave me some very concrete and useful information - I learned new strategies to tap into companies that might be responsive to someone with my skill set. I left the meeting feeling really empowered."

   – Mariana Villas-Boas, Writer and Legal Linguist 


"Very resourceful"

"Cristina is a professional consultant who combines delivering value to you with motivating. The strategies she devises are totally customer-tailored, so you definitely will not be offered something that is not applicable to you."

   – Marina Vozzhaeva, Human Resources


"Career-altering insights"

“Cristina unlocked for me a new, much brighter and more colorful lens of looking at my skill set and how these skills can be strategically mapped to positions that I had felt were entirely out of my reach. Her optimism is contagious and she doesn’t waste your time: she designs a tailor-made approach, assesses how you present yourself, provides career-altering insights, and instills a lasting sense of empowerment.”

   – Maida Kranjc, Diplomatic Protocol Specialist


"Cristina has a way of unlocking your strengths and achievements"

"Cristina provided me with excellent strategies for my job search in Switzerland and helped me to develop my application documents, highlighting my achievements and extracting the measurable impact I had throughout my career. Working with Cristina helped me see my career and acknowledge my value in the workplace in a way I never had before."

   – Sheena D'souza, Global Learning Content Developer


I focus on 3 main areas to help you land or create the job you want:

Uncovering many more job opportunities that are a great fit for you, beyond what you're currently aware of.

Communicating the value that you bring to your targeted role in crystal-clear terms, at all stages of your application (CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and activity, interviews).

Recognizing your value – reminding you of your brilliance and skyrocketing your professional confidence.

Here are examples of past clients' breakthroughs:

⭐ Went from interview nerves to landing two job offers in under 3 months

Shifted into a new industry, after a career break, during the pandemic AND in a new country with no local work experience.

⭐ Went from believing they lack the needed experience for a job they'd love, to seeing and owning how amazingly qualified they are in fact for it and rocking interviews.

Landed interviews with companies such as Google, Johnson & Johnson and Roche.

Landed their dream job 🎉🎉🎉


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