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"Very resourceful"

"Cristina is a professional consultant who combines delivering value to you with motivating. The strategies she devises are totally customer-tailored, so you definitely will not be offered something that is not applicable to you."

   – Marina Vozzhaeva, Human Resources

"Opened my eyes"

""Cristina helped me dive into my 20 years of working life and identify exactly what it is that makes me feel my that new career is the right one for me. She opened my eyes to what it is that makes my accomplishments count as something extra and why not anyone can do what I have done."

   – Eva

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"Inspiring insights"

"Cristina has inspiring insights, which made me feel not only special, but also appreciated. I got so much encouragement from her."

   – Kristiina Leppänen, CFO

"I left feeling really empowered"

"Cristina is a very clear communicator and gave me some very concrete and useful information - I learned new strategies to tap into companies that might be responsive to someone with my skill set. I left the meeting feeling really empowered."

   – Mariana Villas-Boas, Writer and Legal Linguist 


From panic to zero concerns

2016. I had moved to Switzerland to live with my partner. At the time, we'd been in a long distance relationship for 6 years.

The happiness of not waiting for weeks or even months to see each other anymore quickly gave way to panic. I had received a 6 month "job seeker" residence permit, and was scared I’d be kicked out of the country if I don’t find a job in 6 months.

During the next two years, I went from being desperate to take any job, no matter how relevant to my qualifications, from being rejected and ignored (and yes, a lot of crying sessions)…

… to giving up on the job search and pursuing my passion projects, which led me to…

… finding what I thought would be my dream job, first as a freelancer working with startups, then as a contractor for Google…

…  to feeling the lowest I’ve felt since moving. 

I’d sacrificed my real self in the process of finding my professional place in Switzerland. My life was out of balance.

I decided to quit, effectively choosing to be unemployed in Switzerland again, and looking like a crazy person in the process.

And then something very interesting happened… in stark contrast to the previous years that I was unemployed in Switzerland, I realised that I had zero concerns that I’d be aimless again.

Because after I tried and tested so many strategies and tactics, this time I knew what I had to do to succeed.

And now I teach other women how to do it too.


"Career-altering insights"

“Cristina unlocked for me a new, much brighter and more colorful lens of looking at my skill set and how these skills can be strategically mapped to positions that I had felt were entirely out of my reach. Her optimism is contagious and she doesn’t waste your time: she designs a tailor-made approach, assesses how you present yourself, provides career-altering insights, and instills a lasting sense of empowerment.”

   – Maida Kranjc, Diplomatic Protocol Specialist


"Cristina has a way of unlocking your strengths and achievements"

"Cristina provided me with excellent strategies for my job search in Switzerland and helped me to develop my application documents, highlighting my achievements and extracting the measurable impact I had throughout my career. Working with Cristina helped me see my career and acknowledge my value in the workplace in a way I never had before."

   – Sheena D'souza, Global Learning Content Developer


The ways I support my clients are rooted in the concept that job search success ultimately boils down to how you perceive the world. 


By shifting your perception, you change what is possible in your reality. I teach you how to achieve this shift with a blend of strategy, psychology insights and spiritual wisdom.

Here are some examples of past clients' breakthroughs that you're also very likely to experience once working with me:

⭐ Went from interview nerves to landing two job offers in under 3 months

Shifted into a new industry, after a career break, during the pandemic AND in a new country with no local work experience.

⭐ Went from believing they lack the needed experience for a job they'd love, to seeing and owning how amazingly qualified they are in fact for it and rocking interviews.

Landed interviews with companies such as Google, Johnson & Johnson and Roche.

Landed their dream job 🎉🎉🎉

I work with clients all over the world.

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And because we all have many sides, here are 6 fun facts about me...


I LOVE spicy food, enjoy my drinks hot, and often forget the tap on a heat level that's not ok for most people... to my fiancé's surprise. I'm basically a dragon. 

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There's some 🔥 job search insights waiting for you on the Worthful Woman newsletter... 


Job search success ultimately boils down to how you perceive the world.

Once you truly understand this, it will change what is possible in your reality. And new doors will open in your job search.

I can show you how.


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