Taster Session – 45 Minutes With Cristina


If you consider working with me, the process is simple. First book a 45 minute session to get a taste of what it’s like to work with me – this is not a sales call, it’s a consultation lasting 45 minutes and you can only book it once.

If you resonate with my approach and we both feel that working with me is highly likely to help you embody your brilliance and get you on a path where landing a job you love is pretty much inevitable, you’ll have the option to join my intimate, one-to-one 2 month program.


One-to-One 2 Month Program


If you accept the invitation to join my one-to-one 2 month program, this is how the next steps will look like:


 ✨You’ll receive an intake survey with questions about your career, your desires and the obstacles that stand in your way.

✨You’ll also need to send me all your application materials (all CV versions, cover letter versions, recommendation letters, work certificates, diplomas, certifications etc.).

✨Once I have your answers and application materials, we’ll schedule our first 90 minute video call in about a week.

✨We’ll then have 90 minute video calls every second week (4 calls in total). The content of the calls is fully personalized to your needs.

✨In-between our calls, you’ll be assigned personalized tasks to get you closer and closer to a job you love. 


✨You’ll have my ongoing support Mon-Fri on Slack whenever you get stuck on a task, have questions, need my opinion or my eyes on something.

✨Via Slack, I’ll also share personalized insights and helpful resources between our calls.

The investment for this program is CHF 3000 (or two monthly payments of CHF 1650).

Are you interested in this program? First book a 45 minute taster session with me, so we can make sure that this program is the right next step for you.